Born in Peru, currently living in Spain. Multidisciplinary Artist since 1995. She has exhibited her work in different countries in America and Europe. Her recent individual exhibitions DESIRED SPACE at the Tornby Gallery in Denmark and in Olivart Art Gallery in Barcelona stand out. She was selected for PAINT A FUTURE in Amsterdam and Expo ELA Brussels. Likewise, she is Cultural Manager, independent Curator and activist for the Collaborative Art and participatory in social and reclamation projects. She is interested in new ways of promoting Culture and Art through networks and new technologies, in addition to being an intermediary agent of interaction to promote themes on gender and multiculturalism. Creator and manager of the Virtual Female Collective Art-Esencia Project, highlighting the International Postal Art Project on Women exposed in different cities of Spain, Colombia and the Netherlands. Co-founder of ArtGestión Lab+, creating international exhibition projects. For two years she collaborates as a curator of TINAPrize. Her work is part of the collection of the Hispanic Art Foundation / Holland and private collections in Europe and America.