Born in Baracaldo, Vizcaya (Spain, 1959). From an early age he shows interest in drawing and painting, directing his interest initially towards decoration, enrolling in the Institute of Decorative Arts of Bilbao at the age of sixteen, where he starts out in the knowledge of the bases of drawing, color theories, composition and creativity and it is there that he learns the technique of watercolor. Years later, he went to the Museum of Artistic Reproductions of Bilbao where, by the hand of the painter Manuel Balsa, he learned to draw with ease the human figure and to know in depth the techniques of painting, among them watercolor, which will become a protagonist in the beginning of his career, which will be reinforced by the achievement of what will be his first outstanding prize in the XLV Contest of Alavés Art, which will result in his first solo exhibition. At that moment he has already changed his residence from his hometown to the village of Artziniega, Alava, where he will develop his work as a painter. From this moment on his career is consolidated and he begins to expose his work at first in his surroundings but soon throughout the country. It is then when he begins to give courses of initiation to the painting in his place of residence as in bordering populations. You can find his work in numerous private collections and public collections, such as Caja Vital de Vitoria, Caja de Ahorros Municipal de Pamplona, Town Council of Villaviciosa de Odón, Town Council of Arenas de San Pedro, Infanta Elena Museum of Contemporary Art, Tomelloso. He receives numerous rewards, including: 1st prize in the Cultural Contest 2014-15-16, Tomelloso Vineyard Winery / Mention of Honor in the 29th BMW 2014 Contest, in Madrid / 1st painting prize in Gredos 2006, of the City Council of Arenas San Pedro, in Avila / Second prize National Award


for Painting 2006 of the City Council of Guadarrama / 2nd prize in the 1998 painting competition of the Vela Zanetti Institute, in Aranda de Duero / Second prize in the Contest of Alaves Art 45th edition of Caja de Ahorros of Vitoria. Throughout his/her career, he/she participates in a hundred exhibitions in the most important galleries and events in the country.