Why buy art?
To find oneself, to connect with the own emotions; because regardless of the price, size of the work and trajectory of the artist, the purchase of a work must come from a simple hunch, from a flowing emotion, an irresistible desire to place that new acquisition in our environment, must make us vibrate, enlighten our days and bring us wellbeing.
To get closer to the artist, because behind every work there is a creator who shares, through his/her art, an essential part of him/her, his/her emotions, his/her life, his/her passion, even those aspirations to be recognized, but above all, being able to live on his/her talent.  [+]

How to rent art?
For companies: Taking advantage of contemporary art through renting, it promotes and transmits a corporate image, while giving meaning and creativity to its collaborators.
For individuals: It is a way to be able to pay at an affordable price an original work and have it at your place, to be able to personalize your home interior and, why not, to offer an original gift. [+]

With us,
We believe in art; we are convinced of the importance of art for the communication in companies and the benefit of this support to artists.
We believe in the artist, we guarantee a promotion with the companies and clients with whom we collaborate. We help the artists, we advise on the sale and rent of their works. We organize and participate in art events.
We are different; we do not ask for remunerations to the artist, we simply take care of all their promotion.
We are transparent, we inform you, your needs are always heard. [+]